36 piece box of assorted milk + dark chocolates


Copper box filled with an assortment of 36 milk and dark chocolates. These 36 chocolates are a random sample from our 50 chocolates and we include a chocolate map to tell you which one is which. 330g.

Want to choose your 36 chocolates? Go to our Build-a-Box page by clicking here.

Want only milk chocolates? Go to our milk chocolate boxes page by clicking here.

Want only dark chocolates? Go to our dark chocolate boxes page by clicking here.

Want chocolates with zero alcohol? Go to our no-alcohol boxes page by clicking here.


ALLERGY ALERT:  Do not consume if you have any type of allergy to nuts, dairy, soy, sunflower, and/or wheat. Not all of our chocolates have these ingredients as part of its recipe, but all will contain traces. 

NUTRITION FACTS:  Charts available on the factory website at BernardCallebaut.com

PRICE DIFFERENCE:  Some chocolate items may have a lower price if ordered directly from the Calgary factory website at BernardCallebaut.com -- click here to check.

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