tasting class

Would you and your friends love your own
private chocolate-tasting class?

If so, read on ...

(NOTE: all available dates in 2017 are SOLD OUT.)

In our chocolate-tasting class, you will:
- start by sipping on your chocolate martini
- learn about the history of chocolate
- study a real cocoa pod and learn about cocoa harvesting and production
- smell and taste the four types of chocolate: white, milk, semi-sweet, bittersweet
- pair chocolate with various cheese and meats, as well as wine and port
- smell and taste your choice of our 50 chocolates
- learn about all the products of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

8-person private class $560. = $70/person
9-person private class $630. = $70/person
10-person private class $700. = $70/person
(We are no longer offering "open classes.")

To book:
First, send us an email with your desired date - ChocolateRegina@gmail.com - to see if it is available.
Next available date is 02-Jan-2018.
NOTE: we need at least 7 days advance notice in order to obtain the Special Occasion Liquor Permit.

- 2 hours

- at the chocolate shop - 2130 Robinson

Allergy Alert:
- anyone with any kind of food allergy will not be allowed to participate, especially to nuts, dairy, soy, wheat, sunflower, alcohol
- you will sign a declaration stating you have no food allergies.

Class size:
- maximum of 10 participants
- minimum of 8 participants

Age requirement:
- must be 19 years old or older
- bring photo ID

Alcohol & food:
- no outside alcohol or food can be brought into the class

- as you will be drinking some alcohol during the class, we insist all participants use a taxi service or engage a non-participant driver for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Seating & washroom:
- you will be seated at the chocolate counter on a tall stool
- the store has a staff washroom, but it is not wheelchair-accessible

Cancellation Policy:
- 100% refund if cancelled before 10am on day of the class
- 50% refund if cancelled from 10am-5pm on day of class
- no refund if cancelled after 5pm on day of class
- no refund for no-shows, regardless of the reason
- cancel by email at ChocolateRegina@gmail.com or phone 306-546-2462