allergy & nutritional info

We want you to know everything that is in all of our chocolate products.

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Allergy Alert

All our chocolate products will contain traces of nuts, dairy, soy, peanuts, wheat, and sunflower oil.
We want everyone to enjoy our chocolate products, but you must avoid eating any if you have any type of food allergy.
We can build you a box of chocolates with no added nuts or dairy or wheat (as part of that particular chocolate's recipe), but we cannot guarantee it will be free of traces of nuts, dairy, soy, peanuts, wheat, and sunflower oil.


Many of our chocolates have a small amount of liqueur to enhance the chocolate flavour. None have an overpowering liqueur taste -- the alcohol is smoothly blended with the ganache or praline.
If you cannot have any alcohol in your diet for health or religious reasons, we can build you a box that is guaranteed to be alcohol-free. Click here to see our various boxes of zero-alcohol chocolates



Are you a vegan for  (a) health reasons, or  (b) ethical reasons?
(a) If you're a vegan for health reasons -- yes, we have a few chocolate items that have no added dairy as part its recipe, though all will contain traces. Here are a few: dark Caraque, bittersweet wafers, extra-dark daily squares, our dark-chocolate couverture baking bars.

(b) If you're a vegan for ethical reasons -- no, we support the dairy industry and will be giving some of your money to dairy producers.