chocolate draw

Fill out a brief survey for your chance to win a $150 gift certificate from Chocolate Regina. Free to enter. A blind draw will be made from all completed entries on our 15th Anniversary -- September 13, 2022.

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With 157 entries as of 16-Aug-2022, here are the current results from a few of the survey questions:

What's your favourite type of chocolate?
- dark 47%
- milk 42%
- white 11%

Do you hide chocolate in your home so no one can find it?
- yes 57%
- no 43%

If you win this contest, will you share your prize chocolate?
- yes 67%
- not a chance 33%

When the chocolate shop's canopy changed from "Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut" to "Chocolate Regina" in 2020, what did you think?
- At first I was sad because I thought it wouldn't have the same appeal as before but now am happy as you feature more chocolatiers now
- That the shop was as great as ever, if not better!
- As long as the chocolates are still the best in the city (it's not even close) you can call yourself whatever you want
- Beautiful new canopy and like the concept of purchasing different chocolatier’s creations in one location
- I was happy to see it updated and that the shop is bringing in other chocolatiers and trying new chocolates
- As long as the chocolate is still good, I like it!
- That more wonderful chocolatiers we’re joining the chocolate family
- I like the simplicity of the new canopy. Logos seem to be taking a minimalism approach so it seems very modern. I also like that it's very obviously a chocolate shop.
- I hope it's still owned and operated by the same amazing person - we love his amazing personality and love for his product and customers!! (Editor's note: yes, still owned by me, David. And thanks! :)