David's books

Hello. My books have NOTHING to do with chocolate :)


I've written two books of memoirs, with my newest one having had its launch past Saturday (April 23, 2022).


The 1970s ...
cruisin' Albert ... drinking at The Den and at Scary Nights ... buying 8-tracks at the purple Eddy's Swap-a-Tape bus ... going to the famous KISS concert in 1977 at the new Agridome ... killing rabbits in biology class ... hanging out in front of The Leg ... going crazy at bush parties ... selling Kirby vacuum cleaners ... racing and destroying a V8 Vega rocket car ... 

Read an excerpt, see lots of photos, and where-to-buy on my book website at DavidGGrade3.com



My first book was nominated for a Sask Book Award. Details,  photos, and where-to-buy on my book website at DavidGGrade3.com

Questions? Comments? Rude stories about the 1970s? Text me right now at 306-551-8911.