Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Chocolate Regina?
Opening in 2007, it's an independent chocolate shop in Regina's Cathedral Village owned by long-time Regina resident, David Loblaw.

Did the store used to be called "Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut"?
Yes. For 21 years, --from 1999 to 2020-- it was an independent dealership under that name. David's company, Chocolate Regina Ltd., changed the canopy to Chocolate Regina in 2020 when he expanded his offerings to bring in products from Bernard's new company, Master Chocolat.

Sugar-free chocolates?
No. Chocolates that have zero sugar are sweetened with artificial chemicals which have adverse effects on the body. Our chocolates are very low in natural cane sugar.

No-alcohol chocolates?
Yes. Each are clearly marked on this website when building a box online or in-person. You can request alcohol-free for any chocolate selection.

Gluten-free chocolates?
Yes. None of the individual chocolates made by Bernard have grain as an ingredient. NOTE: there are biscuits and pretzels made in the same facilities so everything will contain traces of gluten.

Contain palm oil?
No, no, no! Absolutely none of our items contain any of the vile palm oil (that "waxy" taste) preservative common in the products made by many other chocolate companies. Always ask wherever you buy your chocolates.

How do I store my chocolates?
As our chocolates contain all-natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives, it's best to enjoy them as soon as possible after purchase. If you do store our chocolates in your fridge, be sure to place them in an air-lock baggie or container to avoid the chocolate absorbing smells from the fridge.

Do you deliver?
Yes. Next-day delivery within Regina city limits by courier (on our business days only.) Packages mailed via Canada Post throughout Saskatchewan and Canada. See details on our delivery page here.

Have a question not answered on this page? Text David right now at 306-551-8911 or email him at