ingredients + allergy alerts


All individual chocolates and chocolate products are made entirely with all-natural ingredients: no preservatives or artificial colours/flavours and definitely no palm oil (that horrible 'waxy' taste in lower quality chocolate.)

Everything sold at Chocolate Regina has been hand-made in each of the respective chocolatier's factories. Nothing is manufactured at the Robinson Street retail location of Chocolate Regina. For ingredients and allergy alerts, check out the beautiful websites of our chocolate suppliers:

Master Chocolat (Bernard Callebaut) -

Daniel Chocolates (Daniel Poncelet) -

ChocolaTas (Wim Tas) -

Allergy Alert

Even with items whose recipe contains no nuts or dairy, there will always be traces in everything. Anyone with a severe allergy to nuts, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts or any other food ingredient should not consume any product sold at Chocolate Regina.


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- David Loblaw, owner, Chocolate Regina Ltd.