The Twelve

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut (Cococo Chocolatiers Inc.)

A collection of twelve distinctive chocolates
- milk chocolate, black berry, Crème de cassis
Chocolate Caramel

- dark chocolate, caramel
Raisin Wine
- milk chocolate, golden raisin, port wine
Almond Baileys
- dark chocolate, Bailey's Irish Cream, almond, cinnamon
Earl Grey Tea
- milk chocolate, Earl Grey tea, honey
Pistachio, Hazelnut, Cinnamon
- white chocolate, milk chocolate, pistachio, cinnamon, hazelnut
Nutmeg Orange
- milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Cointreau, nutmeg, hazelnut
Raspberry Caramel
- milk chocolate, raspberry, caramel
Apricot Jelly & Lavender*
- dark chocolate, apricot jelly, lavender flowers
Sea salt Caramel milk*
- milk chocolate, caramel, fleur de sel
Mango Peppercorn*
- dark chocolate, mango purée, pink peppercorns
Honey Anise*
- milk chocolate, green & star anise, honey
* the four chocolate names with asterisks are also available to be purchased separately by  clicking here.
ALLERGY ALERT:  Do not consume if you have any type of allergy to nuts, dairy, soy, sunflower, and/or wheat. Not all of our chocolates have these ingredients as part of its recipe, but all will contain traces. 
NUTRITION FACTS:  Charts available on the factory website at

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