zero-alcohol chocolate boxes - 13 to 50 pieces


Copper box filled with an assortment of our chocolates that contain NO ALCOHOL. This collection is requested by customers for dietary or religious reasons.

In our other chocolates, we use tiny amounts of various liqueurs to enhance the flavours. In this zero-alcohol collection, all of the flavours derive from only the natural ingredients.

Five sizes
13 chocolates = 130g, 18 = 165g, 24 = 212g, 36 = 330g, 50 = 447g.

Inside every box is a chocolate map to help you decide which to taste first.


ALLERGY ALERT:  Do not consume if you have any type of allergy to nuts, dairy, soy, sunflower oil, and/or wheat. Not all of our chocolates have added nuts, dairy, soy, or wheat as part of its recipe, but all will contain traces of these ingredients.

NUTRITION FACTS:  Charts available on the factory website at

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