PRE-ORDER Icewine Truffle 3-pack

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Pack of 3 icewine truffles. Serve cold -- even frozen!

Semi-sweet chocolate truffle shell
filled with liquid Canadian icewine
decorated with milk chocolate stripes.

A sumptuous way to experience this Canadian pleasure all in one bite.  As the centre is completely liquid, pop the entire truffle in your mouth -- or you'll wear it!  These truffles are quite different from our traditional ganache-filled truffles.

Three Ways to Enjoy:
FROZEN - the crunchiness of the chocolate truffle shell contrasts with the cold, thick liquid icewine.
COLD (recommended) - the warmth of your mouth will soften and melt the chocolate truffle shell as you savour the icewine.
ROOM TEMPERATURE - full flavour of the dark chocolate complements the sweetness of the icewine.

ALLERGY ALERT:  Do not consume if you have any type of allergy to nuts, dairy, soy, sunflower, and/or wheat. Not all of our chocolates have these ingredients as part of its recipe, but all will contain traces. 

NUTRITION FACTS:  Charts available on the factory website at





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