PRIVATE truffle-making party for 8-10 people ANY DAY

number of guests

You and your friends will have the whole chocolate shop to yourselves!

Before you purchase ...
contact us with your desired date and we'll see if it's possible. Email or text 306-551-8911.

No set time -- usually around 90 minutes to 2 hours

Your choice of 6:30 or 7pm

at the chocolate shop - 2130 Robinson.

- no baking or chocolate-making experience necessary; this is more of a tasting party than a class -- do not expect to learn in-depth chocolate-making techniques;
- as chocolate absorbs odours, please keep perfume and scented hair products subtle;
- everyone will be standing for the full duration;
- chocolate easily washes out of most clothing but avoid wearing white;
- be sure your cell phones & cameras are fully charged as you'll want photos of your friends with chocolate faces;
- customer area of the chocolate shop is fully wheelchair accessible, but the staff washroom is not accessible.

No person with any type of food allergy -- nut, dairy, wheat, soy -- is permitted to attend a truffle party. No exceptions. You will be asked to sign a declaration stating you have no food allergies. Anyone who arrives for a truffle party and states they have a food allergy will be denied entry -- and will not receive a refund.

Unfortunately we cannot allow our guests to bring alcohol to our chocolate-tasting parties.

- if you cancel anytime before 8am the day of your scheduled party, you will receive a 100% refund.
- if you cancel from 8am to 6pm the day of your scheduled party, you will only receive a 50% refund.
- no refunds or credit for cancellations after 6pm the day of your scheduled party; and no refunds or credits for no-shows, regardless of the reason.
- no discount if one or more participants fail to show

- to cancel, email us at or call us at 306-546-2462 (voicemail 24/7.)

Email us at or call 306-546-2462